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Recent Advances at UM Level Up South Florida’s Technology Sector

Excerpt from an article in the South Florida Business Journal (by Emon Reiser)   University of Miami's $3.7 million investment in a new supercomputer combined with AT&T's soon-to-be-installed, campus-wide 5G+ technology will propel the Coral Gables institution forward in solving highly complex problems. With the IBM-built "Triton" supercomputer installed earlier this year, UM can calculate long-term climate predictions for...

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TRITON Takes a Bow

Students and faculty at the  University depend on technology constantly. And for those who deal with large data sets to conduct their research, waiting on computers to process the information is tedious. That’s why the University recently designed and purchased a new supercomputer that can accelerate data analysis and expand the possibilities for digital research. Last night (Thursday 9/19/2019) CCS held a reception to launch...

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TRITON Supercomputer Launch Celebration Thursday 9/19/2019

You are invited to celebrate the launch of TRITON, the University of Miami’s new supercomputer. Using the same AI-optimized architecture as the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Triton is UM’s first GPU-accelerated HPC/AI system, representing a new approach to computational and data science. Triton was designed to process vast amounts of data in near real time by accelerating data transfer between the IBM POWER9 CPU and attached...

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Overview of CCS Systems and New TRITON AI-ready System 9/20/2019

DATA-DRIVEN COMPUTE SYSTEMS: A Case Study in Bioinformatics and Healthcare Data Science  The Biomedical Informatics architecture at UM currently supports nearly 7 PB of biomedical research data and numerous projects including EHR data from three Health Care partner organizations. This session will provide an overview of CCS's data-driven Advanced Computing Systems design as well as the design of the new AI-ready system, TRITON, which...

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