CCS Fellows present their final projects

This year’s CCS Fellows presented their projects on Friday, April 29, 2016.  The projects were on vastly different topics, highlighting the reach that computational science has on present-day research.  Here is a sample from their presentations:

2015-2016 University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellows projects collage

  • Phillip L Davidson University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellow 2015-2016 final presentation April 29, 2016Phillip Davidson (pictured at right) explored that genes are active during two developmental stages of a ctenophore, and hopes to uncover pathways that lead to embryonic development.


  • Catalina Von Wrangell designed an app that would play the music that was commensurate with your favorite memories or emotions in response to a survey she created.


  • Matt Danzi wrote and debugged two programs that look for regulating genetic switches in gene-expression-data sets.


  • Emily Prince worked on a method to automatically measure attachment security between toddlers and their mothers. Her work as a CCS Fellow resulted in her being awarded an NSF grant to continue developing this method further into clinical use.


  • We also heard from Matt Field, one of last year’s CCS Fellows who received an extension for his project, and whose work has resulted in a brand-new breakthrough in cancer research, which he is submitting for publication soon.


We could not be more proud of this year’s CCS Fellows cohort.  They left the audience in awe of what they accomplished this past academic year.

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