Instructions for installing an OpenMP enabled randomForestSRC package

The randomForestSRC package implements OpenMP shared-memory parallel programming.  However, the default installation given the source code, or the binary distributions posted on CRAN, will only execute serially.  Instructions for installing an OpenMP enabled package are given below.

Building OpenMP binaries from the CRAN source package for Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac OS X

  1. This process requires that you have the appropriate toolset installed that will enable you to build R packages from source.
    Please see the CRAN website for more information on the toolset and OS that you are using.
  2. Download the CRAN package source code randomForestSRC_X.x.x.tar.gz (make sure to download the source code: do not download the binary file).
  3. Open a console, navigate to the directory containing the
    tarball, and untar it using the command:

    > tar -xvf randomForestSRC_X.x.x.tar.gz

  4. This will create a directory structure with the root directory of the package named 'randomForestSRC'. Change into the root directory of the package using the command:

    > cd randomForestSRC

  5. Run the autoconf command:

    > autoconf

  6. Change back to your working directory:

    > cd ..

  7. Install the package:

    > R CMD INSTALL randomForestSRC

    (ensure that you do not target the unmodified tarball, but
    instead act on the directory structure you just modified.)